From the 1st to the 29th of November, Urgenda director Marjan Minnesma will walk more than 500 km from Utrecht to Paris, where the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) will be held. Every day she will be joined by a special guest, who will leave behind a new Milestone with a message. Tuesday 3 november Frans de Waard, Jan Haasnoot and Sander Griffioen will walk on behalf of foundation Saraswater for 22 kilometers.

check the route at: http://www.theclimatemiles.nl/en/ 


Saraswater has been busy past summer. We have made new international contacts. There has been made a translation to Indonesian. There are mechanical engineering drawings made of the saras-unit. Soon more updates! We also have made some other plans.  Keep checking this website


Saraswater has registered for the "Herman Wijffels innovatieprijs" for 2015. This is a contest where everyone with an innovation can register. Offcourse we need to suffice a lot of conditions. Hopefully we will be selected and we can make the chance to win a prize end 2015. We are working at a promising, sustainable innovation. An innovation that can make a difference for the world! That's why we are suitable for this contest.
The website (Dutch)
We will keep everyone updated

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The crowdfunding project has finished. Unfortunately we haven't reached our target of €20.000. Despite the end of the crowdfunding, foundation Saraswater will continue! Several people have encouraged us to continue with our mission.  

If you also want to give us a chance at reaching the goal of our mission, you can donate at the bank account of Foundation Saraswater, NL33ABNA057.55.93.601

For more information you can check our website www.saraswater.nl 

Thanks for your support so far, 

The team of Saraswater volunteers


A student artificial intelligence at the universtity of amsterdam will help Saraswater. He will develop an algorithm which helps the saras-unit to detect the plastic and navigate towarts the plastic. We are curious how this concept will be developed. There are 23 days left for our crowdfunding campaign! Keep sharing this initiative.


Yes! It’s finally time! The crowdfunding website is live at One Planet Crowd (Dutch website)
The goal of Foundation Saraswater is to get our first unit floating in the waters of the “ij” harbor in Amsterdam, before the Sail Amsterdam event will start in 2015. We can filter plastic waste out of the water. Share this initiative and share this video with everyone you know! Visit our crowdfunding page and like our facebook page to keep updated!

Saraswater, we need to clean our water.


A resume about the goal of Foundation Saraswater is translated to Chinese and Italian and is published on our website as a downloadable document. The 2014 promo video is translated to English. And soon we will start a crowdfunding campaign, so spread the word! Check our new promo video here:

A resume about the goal of Foundation Saraswater is translated to Italian. Special thanks to Bibian! Foundation Saraswater is busy translating this downloadable document to other languages, so stay tuned!

Last week the Saraswater Foundation was present at a meeting. It was on a invitation of the dutch ministery of infrastucture and enviroment at Deltares in Utrecht. We've talked about setting up a Dutch consortium to make a long term solution for Brazil. Objective: create a plan for the overall environmental issues around the Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has developed a demand filed with the Dutch Government. Of course, there was also attention for the short term question; How do you get the Guanabara Bay clean for the Olympic Games of 2016. It was interesting and challenging. For Saraswater certainly an stimulus to continue getting funds to create a life-size model.

Greetings from the Saraswater team

Hello everyone,

The team of Foundation Saraswater is ready for the world harbor days in the Dutch city Rotterdam! We can use a stand on the floating sustainability pavilion in the port.

You are all invited to visit us at september 5th, 6th and 7th to watch our improved scalemodel.

For more information about the world harbor days Klick here. (Dutch website)

Kind regards, team Saraswater

Our holiday is over and on behalf of Foundation Saraswater, The founder Frans de Waard, has attended a workshop from the Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment. We have discussed a buisness proposal for Brazil. We would like to offer help cleaning up the bay of Rio de Janeiro for the Olympic summer games in 2016. It was an interesting and inspiring day! A lot of ideas will be further developed.

Other news about Saraswater:
September 5th, 6th and 7th are the world harbor days in the Dutch city Rotterdam. Foundation Saraswater will be present on a floating pavilion. We have an information point were we would like to talk about our innovation and show the scale model to the visitors.

On 31 March I have attended a live stream seminar in the “Royal Theatre” in “The Hague” from the TEDxBinnenhof where about 6 workshops were done. The work done by Saraswater was part of Climate action & Raw Materials done by the Company Climate Kic. It was an inspiring afternoon with opportunities to do a lot of networking.

On 21 Feb 2014 a small team from Saraswater visited NIOZ in Yerseke again to re-test the scaled “Saras-Unit” in their flow gutter. During this day we made some improvements to the model. It was a fruitful workshop where we have learned a lot about the behavior of water. Thanks to Mr. Tjeerd Bouma who had facilitated this in the NIOZ institute. We are looking forward to the next visit. Click here for a foto impression and watch a video impression below. With special thanks to “Ruby Kooyman” for the pictures and my “daughter Jessica” for the movie.  <br /><br />
The foundation of Saraswater have attended a meeting of the “Ministry of infrastructure & Environment”. The meeting was hosted by a company called “Interface” located in Scherpenzeel. That company, called “Interface Foreign Investments B.V.”, has capabilities to manufacture carpet-tiles by making usage of recycled plastics. It was a fruitful meeting and a lot of brainstorming was done. The outcome was more new ideas that had to be developed further. It felt good to be part of people having the same interest that could make use of plastics.
Monday 18 Nov’13 I had an appointment with Mr.Tjeerd Bouma at the “NIOZ in Yerseke”. They have a lab with water-simulation and measure equipment. The Purpose of that visit was to discuss the possibilities of testing a scaled model of Saraswater’s prototype in the flow gutter of NIOZ. We are now clearly leaving the empirical phase and have gone into the scientific phase. In this phase Research topics must be defined. These have been addressed to the Foundation. Some modifications had to me be made to our scaled-model. The aim was to do a test in Feb 2014 and to do measurements on a model with a size of 20 x 60 cm. I was happy to work on something (rather that thinking only). However the work done on a scaled model, and everything else was paid by my own family, but I do not have the funds yet for a real big model to be mounted on a ship.
In Nov 2013 an innovation fair was held in the “RAI of Amsterdam”. All members of the Working Group, set up by the Ministry of infrastructure & Environment, were present to sign a letter of intention. Each signature was a commitment to come up with a proposal within two years. Each party had to define their own goals and objectives plus a project plan how to achieve this. The conclusion for Saraswater was that it must develop & tests a prototype of a cleaning unit. It felt real good to see that we are moving forward. It gave me an energy boost. Now there is a network of people going in the same direction. Pictures of this fair can be found on this page, and look for innovation fair RAI.
From doing the presentations done I received enthusiasm responses. It was evident to me that I am not the only one focusing on this problem, and my concept was not already in development by other parties. However there were more ideas/people that had ideas how to clean the water surface. These presentations gave me even more energy. In 2013 (after a holiday in Luxemburg) I decided to establish a Foundation. This seemed to me the best way to explore the idea. Hence I started the Foundation “Saraswater” in the aim to draw attention from people and to acquire funds in the aim to create a prototype of the “Saras-unit”. Pictures of this day can be found on this page and look foor founding Saraswater.

Some years ago I read several articles about “pollution”, turning around in the oceans, also called Plastic Soup. I was flabbergasted… A plastic island the size of France and Spain together located near the United States. And there are more of these islands in other oceans ? This surely cannot be true !!! In fact this is only the surface. Let alone what’s under the surface. How would this affect our ECO system and climate ? Could this be the result of worldwide “civilization”? How can we have let this happen? Not only is this a threat to ocean animals, but also to mankind…...
And what is mankind doing about it?
When I was on a snorkeling holiday on Bali, I saw that there was pollution there too. We found the local people were unaware of what plastic litter could do to their environment. This was something that made me decide to do something about it. Well….This problem has kept me busy ever since.
I gathered information from the internet and I read about a competition that was held to acquire the best idea with the aim of segregating plastic litter from the oceans. It kept me busy day and night. Notepad and pen were lying next to my bed to write down some ideas. My manager at work was kind enough to support my endeavors and let me use some of his time and resources to work out my ideas. However when I was ready to send in my ideas, the competition website was closed so, sadly I was unable to apply.
I went back to work but I kept thinking asking myself what the best approach would be. Peter Lemmen (a fellow employee) was kind enough to create an animated film at the lab of “Condor at the Amsterdam TV studios”. At least now there was an animation of ideas in my head. This animation explained more than a thousand words, and felt as a major achievement to me. However, this was just the first step.
The next step was to draw attention of some high level people in order to get some leverage for making a prototype and to show that it could actually work. But who should I approach? My wife Andrea, who supports me in every way, suggested to send a letter to the office His Majesty The King and to ask him (in his former role of Water Mgr??) to put the subject matter on the following agenda of the “Worldwide Water Forum”. And so I did.
Eventually I got a letter back (Dec 2012) from Mr Buntsma (Secretary Advisory Committee) who informed me that this Commission focus on problem “prevention” (rather than correction) and advised me to seek help from other parties, like: “Imares on Texel The institute for Research into strategic and applied marine ecology, or Rijkswaterstaat” The Ministrie of infrastructure and environment.
So I sent letters accompanied by the animation on a USB stick to ”Imares”, and to Rijkwaterstaat. Unfortunately no reaction was received. Early 2013 I created a miniature model of which I could then make a movie and import this in a PowerPoint presentation.
Through the network of my Job I got in contact with people from the “Shield group in Rotterdam” and also with people from the “Port of Rotterdam”. In the meantime I was also looking for contacts with people from “Rijkswaterstaat”. I was happy to receive a positive reaction from the “Shield Group of Rotterdam” who were willing to support my project within certain boundaries.
In that period I got also in touch with Mr Arnoud Passnier of the “Ministry of infrastructure & environment”. Within that Department Mr Passnier is working with a group of people on the challenge of “recycling plastic”. Via Mr Passnier I have met with Mr Boyan Slat who works at the “Technical University in Delft”. He works with students who also address the problem of the Plastic Soup, using a different approach.